Vanity Fair Proof Prints


Vanity Fair "Proofs Before Lettering" were produced to verify the colors and lines of the lithographs. The numbers vary, but no more than 20 proofs were printed of each caricature. These prints have no captions, dates or other descriptive text, and the magazine bound them in numbered albums with green leather and gilt tooling. They were offered for sale, and were also awarded as prizes in Vanity Fair's acrostic contests. At the front of each volume was a printed note from Vanity Fair giving the number of proof volume and the numbered volume in the series. The quality of the colors in the proof prints, their clarity of line and detail and their scarcity make them highly collectible and of considerable interest to collectors worldwide.

Each print is approx. 10"x15" (25 cm x 37 cm), with the image itself being approx. 7.5" x13" (19 cm x 33 cm).

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