Vanity Fair Prints

During the years 1869-1914, Vanity Fair Magazine published over 2,300 Full Page Satirical Chromolithographs of important people of the day, known today as "Spy Prints". A distinguished list of artists were employed by Vanity Fair during this time, including Sir Leslie Ward "Spy", who contributed 1,325 Caricatures (more than half of the cartoons), Carlo Pellegrini "Ape", who contributed 333 Caricatures, Liberio Prosperi "Lib", who contributed 55 Caricatures, along with many other talented artists. Today, these Vanity Fair Cartoons are highly sought after and have become prized collectibles! 

We offer our Original Vanity Fair Caricature Prints with the option to include an archival mat, along with a Museum Quality Frame in various styles and colors with your purchase.