Mary Orvis Marbury

Mary Orvis Marbury Antique Prints

The name of Orvis is known to sportsmen and women around the globe. Founded in 1856 by Charles Orvis, what is now an internationally recognized fixture in the sporting and fishing communities, it began life as a fishing tackle shop in New England. Mary (1856-1914) was the oldest of four children of Charles and Laura Orvis; the only girl. One of her brothers died in childhood and the other two became prominent citizens in their home town of Manchester. Mary was the one who remained to help build the company and, by 1892, when her book "Favorite Flies And Their Histories" was published, became famous. Until the publication of Favorite Flies and their Histories no standardized text existed for American flies, leading to not a little confusion on the part of anglers ordering what they thought was one thing but too often turned out to be another. The colorful lithographs in her book enabled anglers to order with confidence and helped set a standard nomenclature for American flies. The book was an immediate best seller and was reprinted at least nine times by 1896. It continued to be reprinted in the twentieth century - the last printing was in 1988 by Wellfleet Press. 

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